Black summer truffle

A highly appreciated truffle in gastronomy

Trufa de verano   Honza

Black summer truffle (Tuber aestivum) is a variety of truffle found in Europe between May and September, reaching its optimal maturity point in July and August.

Although not as famous as its relative, the black winter truffle (Tuber melanosporum), the summer truffle also possesses a distinct flavor and aroma that make it a prized ingredient in gastronomy.

This truffle is characterized by its dark-colored, rough exterior, with numerous pyramid-shaped warts that contrast with its interior, ranging in color from cream to light brown depending on its level of maturity, and featuring white veins.

The black summer truffle can be used as a key ingredient in a wide variety of dishes. It is primarily grated or thinly sliced to enhance the flavor in salads, pasta, eggs, and meats. It is also commonly found in sauces and oils.

Truffle preserves are a convenient way to enjoy the delicious flavor and aroma at any time. These preserves are made using whole truffles, sliced or in slivers, and preserved in oil or in their natural state to maintain their freshness and flavor.

The summer truffle is a more affordable option compared to other truffle varieties, making it more accessible for those who wish to experience its unique flavor and enter the fascinating world of truffles.