Fromago Cheese Experience Fair

More than 300,000 visitors enjoying 1,200 different cheeses

31 August 2022
Fromago queso y aceite de trufa Honza

The first edition of the Fromago Cheese Experience Fair has been a great success, the locals, national and international visitors have exceeded expectations by more than 300,000, surpassing even the number of tourists who visit us at Easter.

Zamora, a benchmark in the sheep and cheese production sector at international level, has filled its streets and squares with more than 300 exhibitors who have presented more than 1,200 different cheeses.

More and more popular are the varieties of cheese that include other ingredients in their preparation, such as rosemary, ash or truffle, like the Iberian cheese with olive oil flavoured with truffle from Quesos Revilla, which recently won an award.

The cheese was accompanied by other typical products from Zamora, quality products such as veal and suckling lamb, chorizo, chickpeas and lentils, honey, wine, oil, liqueurs, bread and mushrooms.

During the fair, many stands sold out, showing a great welcome, starting with the Quesera del Cares, which after the second day hung up a sign of thanks: "Sold out. Thank you. I'm going sightseeing in Zamora".

A great event for Zamora, which we hope will be repeated in future editions.